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Maggie has set her plans in motion to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse by beginning to build an amazingly caring, supportive and understanding team, who all share the same values and determination to make a real difference in the lives of survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

We have now opened our first pilot centre in Rochdale. This is the first of what will, with public support and backing, become a nationwide network of centres. Our pilot centre in Rochdale is small, but we are working tirelessly to raise the funds needed to open our own, bigger venue in the near future.

The centre is now open to women of all faiths and backgrounds and provides a safe place to find support and friendships, and as we grow we intend to offer the same support to male survivors of sexual abuse, but we are building a solid base from which to grow and hence we need to carefully nurture that process…

However, the Maggie Oliver foundation is not only for people who have been victims of on-street grooming but also for those who have experienced any kind of sexual abuse, including FGM and forced marriage.

Everyone’s experience of sexual abuse is different, and the foundation exists to help survivors transform their pain into power and support all survivors on their deeply personal journeys.

The pilot centre currently works on a self-referral basis due to our lack of space, and survivors can get in touch via our contact page and reserve a place to come and join us on a Monday. It will be on a first come/first served basis and the direction the pilot centre will take is firmly survivor led.

Our sole aim is to empower the women coming along and to create a safe space where they can grow and feel supported as they take the next step towards their own recovery… Whether that be just a coffee, a chat, access to legal advice, therapy, mentoring, help into training, practical help or just a listening ear

One of the real after effects of sexual abuse is that survivors are often extremely isolated, feel totally alone, and don’t know where to turn for the help they need to begin to rebuild shattered lives.

But you are not alone any more!!! We are here to support you. Our centres will offer the opportunity to be with others who understand what you have been through, how you may be feeling, and some of the other young women at the centre will have been through similar experiences themselves. A shared problem is often a halved one…