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Alongside the Phone Line, Maggie continues to highlight the problem of child sexual abuse on a national scale, particularly the failures of the authorities to address this effectively.  This means that survivors often feel abandoned, isolated, mistrustful of the police, the criminal justice system and other statutory agencies, not knowing who to approach for help.

Through relentless campaigning and activism, Maggie will continue to highlight the national problem of child sexual abuse and the failures of politicians, senior police officers and the criminal justice agencies to fulfil their legal obligation to protect children and prosecute perpetrators. Working together with eminent human rights experts on a national platform, she is fighting for those who knowingly fail in this duty to be held to account.

Through talks at conferences and universities, appearances on national television and radio stations and interviews with the press, Maggie intends to keep the topic of child sexual abuse, and the failures of the authorities to address this effectively, at the forefront of the national agenda.

However, now is the survivor’s turn to be heard and right now it’s your help we need. Every day, many of you contact us to share your stories. Everybody’s experiences are completely unique and by sharing them, together, we can help others. We are asking you to use your voices to help us build a library of personal stories. The foundation can begin to publish these anonymously to let others know they are not alone…

You can get in touch via the contact page to find out more about sharing your story.

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