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I initially came to foundation as a survivor that needed help. The only service that was helping me at the time was recovery, I had been laughed at by a few police officers and a member of the council had labelled me she was at that children’s home a home where I was abused and so many others as well.

I got in touch with The Foundation because I’m entitled to justice as well. The foundation has and still is helping me massively, they replied straight away and we spoke on many occasions, the foundation helps many people like myself but I wasn’t pushed to one side even though they are very busy, they haven’t labelled me and as well they spoke to me normally and with compassion and trust me that means a lot.

I am now proud to say I am actually an Ambassador  at the foundation myself and I work at care services as well.

Oh my days when I applied to the foundation I was really nervous but when they got in touch and said that I had got the position I was over noon I cried tears of happiness reason been I know I can make a difference to these survivors I am one of them survivors that has turned pain into power but as well power doesn’t go to our heads.

I have plenty of empathy, understanding and most of all real life experience and as well I have boundaries and that helps people like myself hugely. So I am proud and privileged that I am part of this wonderful team and as well that I’m going to be able to make a difference to other survivors as well.

As well together I have broke the cycle of abuse.  Perpetrators aren’t in control of my life anymore and that’s somewhere else me and the foundation can make a difference.

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