How to view discreetly

Hi Maggie

Thank you for messaging me it as me in tears every time you message me as it’s just another way of feeling believed. I would love to do this if possible as am no good with words. My only problem is is I don’t feel I have survived I feel like am locked in a box at all times and he controls everything even though have never seen him since. 

Everyday am out if it’s shopping walking with the kids etc is face is there on the postman a stranger walking by and it takes my breath away I would love to help you on your website if you think I can but really unsure what to write You made me cry, not out of badness but out of relief.  Relief that I don’t feel I need to explain anything to you because you just get me am not gonna lie am an emotional wreck and I even googled why I cry so much and feel heartbreak everyday I just thought I was weird and others didn’t feel like this but am guessing am wrong I have got to be for my own sanity x 

I have tried taking my life a few times but something always stops me and I don’t no what because if they was a button I could press I would to end this feeling I feel  and the police made this 100 times worst because running away from that house in the morning the only thoughts I had was have been raped and he’s going to jail it kept me alive for them 10 hours of torture he put me through and the police dropped me as easy as he dropped me that morning like I meant nothing  am so sorry am blabbering on I don’t mean to but I could talk forever because it hurts that deep and it’s not only affected me it’s affected my kids have never enjoyed them like I should and my relationship fails everyday because I see is face I hate him so much he took my life without ending it xx

Thank you Maggie I love what you have done and keep doing Wish I had your fight I really wish he had ended my life that night o really do xxx