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I Turned to You

I turned to you for advice

Welcomed you into my home

Told myself you do your job unselfishly

Why else would someone choose a job like yours?

I told you everything,

Opened myself up to you completely

I turned to you in desperation and tears, confusion, pain

And you used everything against me

You told my daughter I didn’t believe her, wrote reports about neglect

Said I was unbalanced and emotional

I needed to keep my feelings in check

You threatened to take my daughter from me

When all I had done was ask for help

You were my social worker and I turned to you

I turned to you for justice

When my daughter had been raped

You pressured her for a statement that she didn’t want to make

I’d always taught my daughter to believe in you

You were the good guys –

But you failed me too

You said you’d taken evidence

Then that evidence disappeared

You told me there was nothing you could do

You were the police and I turned to you

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