NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT VICTIMS OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE, it has taken me a lifetime to build up the courage to write this, but here we go….. I was born in 1966, a brother to a loving family in London and my parents at the time were hard working and for all their work...

Poem by John Roedel

my brain and heart divorced a decade ago over who was to blame about how big of a mess have become eventually, they couldn't be in the same room with each other now my head and heart share custody of me stay with my brain during the week and my heart gets me on...

This is my life, written down on paper

My name is ‘Rosie’. This is my life written down on paper. My childhood was not a very good one. My parents were heroin addicts and as you can imagine they were not very good at being parents. Throughout my whole life I had no boundaries no one to tell me off. I was...

Natural Thinking by Ria Walton

the frondescence of flourishing leaves  coming to life the essence of new life for spring the re birth of trees the birds singing their melodies sweet songs of morning nature alive with fresh new growth buds blooming their energy forthwith to bring, the floral...

The Three Girls Workshop

Three Girls Workshop With lockdown having restricted the hosting of events ‘in person’ the Foundation recently ran on online meet-up centred around the BAFTA award winning BBC mini-series Three Girls.  The programme (for which Maggie worked as the Programme...


By Ryan Hooper, PA Chief Reporter  A new, specific law is required to give more rights to those affected by crime, the Victims' Commissioner for England and Wales has said. Dame Vera Baird QC said a change of culture'' was long overdue'' to look after'' victims of...

“I feel lost, and I don’t know if this pain will ever leave me…..”

I  was abused from age 7 to 20. No one in my life knows except doctors/counsellors/helplines or the occasional Samaritan. I carry on every day like I'm absolutely fine. No one would ever know.   It's almost like having two lives which makes me very sad. I was...

Lisa is an accredited Play Therapist working with children who experience social and emotional difficulties. As part of her work, Lisa supports families including those in foster and adoptive care and enjoys working alongside external

Agencies such as social services, mental health organisations and other such support groups.

Lisa has worked as a Nanny which saw her travel across the world before spending time as a nursery nurse.

She volunteered for SOVA – working with teenage women on probation- helping them to rejoin society with a developed and more positive attitude.

Lisa graduated from Canterbury Christchurch University in 2014 and-having volunteered for two years across several schools in West and North Yorkshire- she decided to set up her own business in Therapeutic Services straight away.

PrIor to this, Lisa volunteered for Childline where she enjoyed the role of phone-line counsellor on the late night shift. Lisa learnt many skills throughout this time and realised her true passion for supporting families- even from this remote point of view.

In her spare time Lisa enjoys keeping fit and active and was once a taekwondo instructor working alongside young people, using physical activity to help manage emotions and alleviate negativity.

She is a keen cyclist and has ran several events raising money for various charities over the years.

( Lisa used to work as a celebrity lookalike whereupon she met some amazing celebrities on the red carpet).

Lisa was aware of the situation in Rochdale and was keen to find out more about how she could use her skills to help and support those affected. She is looking forward to working with the Foundation and already feels part of a team with a shared vision of how to make the best positive changes to the existing system.

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