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By Linda Whitworth

The Right of a Child (part 2)

When I wrote about “The Right of a Child”

Almost two decades ago

It was about children from developing countries,

Not here in the UK, I country I know

Or at least I thought I knew …..

A developed country with thousands of laws,

Not a place where our children are suffering

At the hands of their ‘supposed’ mentors

Teachers and coaches, people in positions of trust

Yes, paedophilia is RIFE.

It’s in families you could never have imagined,

Firmly established in our everyday life

The Rotherham and Rochdale  scandals,

Gangs grooming our young.

Plying them with drugs and alcohol,

While their associates line up to have their fun.

And the fathers who whisper secrets

To the daughters and sons they abuse.

Words of special games and beloved prince and princesses

This is their daddy – how can they refuse?

Years and years of suffering

In a place they call home

Cowed into submission

Frightened and alone.

Don’t let them win – these animals

This chapter needs to be closed

Shout out loud and speak the truth

So the monsters can be exposed.

Don’t keep their secrets,

They only lead to lies

Never be scared to share them

With someone you know to be wise

It is not your fault

You are not to blame

You didn’t do anything wrong

This is NOT your shame.

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