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The Maggie Oliver Foundation supports the Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness week by highlighting #itsnotok and #painintopower in our campaign.

It sends a strong message to the UK that any form of sexual abuse is unacceptable. So that’s what this week is about, encouraging openness, breaking the silence and making a real difference to survivors lives.

An epidemic of sexual abuse and violence is still happening and yet, ignorance and inept statutory institutions continue to keep it hidden behind closed doors. So we welcome the opportunity with this awareness week to focus on helping adult survivors reach out. Despite all their pain, they can turn to the Foundation and trust that they’ll be heard.

Maggie and her team of dedicated ambassadors instil integrity and a non-judgemental approach to the new listening ear service – a national Pain into Power helpline launched on 14 January 2021. It provides a safe space for survivors to speak confidentially about parts of their lives that have remained secret, perhaps for many years.

It is unimaginably difficult for anyone to do, and yet, it’s a hugely important step to take in their recovery process. A person’s sexual abuse/violence experience is unique to them and how they have coped with the after-effects of trauma on their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Some survivors find the strength to speak out and get justice. But many find they go on to experience further abuse caused by the failures of the authorities. Time and time again, the selfless acts of those who speak out are just trying to prevent other children from being abused.

The Foundation will always be here for those courageous survivors who have come through the bleakest of times. When you decide to reach out because #itsnotok you’ll find our support. So no matter, if you’re full of guilt and shame and find it hard to speak out, you are no longer alone. We are here to listen.

If you’d like to talk to someone about your thoughts or experiences, our helpline is available. Contact us CLICK HERE




Please join us in shouting loud and proud that #ITSNOTOK – download our speech bubble template, print out and add your comment then share on social media. The Maggie Oliver Foundation will share those that use our #PAININTOPOWER hashtag as we spread word of our mission to support survivors.


You can download this here: Speech Bubble for SA & SV Awareness Week 2021




Click here for our ‘What You Should Expect’ guide that describes our phoneline support service, and here for our ‘Pain into Power’ infographic.



The sixth Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week occurs in the UK between 1st and 7th February 2021. Established in 2016, organisers hope that the nationwide event’s spotlight #itsnotok, and spread the message that any form of sexual abuse and violence is unacceptable.  The campaign aims to generate discussion among society, including statutory bodies and third sector organisations. To better understand the impact of sexual abuse and violence on the community and ultimately bring about changes to how it is dealt with.

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