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Hi my name is Claire

Im a born survivor of historical sexual childhood abuse grooming and child trafficking. Early adult sexual and domestic violence.

I have been in care all of my life social services was responsible for me and they failed me time and time again.. I have been groomed by gangs of Asian males from the local location where the childrens home was.

Both social services and the police turned a blind eye. Social services knew was was happening. And they chose not to prevent it. There for I was abused. I was neglected.

I run away from the house but the police kept taking me back. Social services put me back in to the same childrens home after getting away from my abusers for 4 months.

So the abuse started all over again.. I used to self harm to block out the pain I have scarring to both arms and legs i have tried to end my adult life 3 times Because the flash backs from being sexually abused as a child has haunted me forever..

I have been drugged, raped,  beaten. Hit with weapons. I have caught sexual infections in my child life. I have been made to strip had chilli powder poured in my eyes. Forced to sit in cold baths. Eat food of the floor. I could tell you more but I’d  be here all day.

I now suffer from PTSD,  depression, anxiety, paranoia episodes. I also have BPD. I suffer daily. Every day is a battle but if i have learned anything from this experience it is to be the best mother I can for my children, 13 and 6. I don’t let them out of my sight…..

I KNOW all the warning signs and I have learnt to trust NO body

I’m a brilliant mother and I will ensure my children get the life I didnt ❤️

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