Content Warning: Please be aware that some of the stories on these pages contain details and descriptions of abuse which you might find disturbing or upsetting.

The Invisible Kid

I’m the invisible kid, you saw me yesterday
But you just looked right through me, and you just walked away.
I’m the invisible kid, I am tired and I’m alone
I’m the invisible kid, I am not safe in my home.

I’m the broken child, I never seem to cry
I feel the pain and loneliness, but my eyes are always dry
I’m the broken child, been used and cast away
I’m the broken child, surviving day to day

I’m the brave young kid, trying to be strong
Doing what I must, even though sometimes it’s wrong
I’m the brave young kid and some might say I’m wild
I’m the brave young kid, I am just a child

I’m not asking you for answers, for the reasons I am here
I’m not asking you for answers, just protection from the fear
That you may never see me, and I always be
Just another victim of invisibility

I’m the invisible kid, the kid you never see
I just wish you’d give me back, what’s been stole from me
My innocence, my childhood and my dignity
And I would gladly trade with you, invisibility.

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