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I'm Anita and I wanted to support The Maggie Oliver Foundation as soon as I learned about it, after watching the BBC mini-series Three Girls and recognising so many of the early scenes it portrayed. 

I was born and bred in Bolton, and my first job, part-time whilst at high school was in play care. There I met, for the first time, several children that were really struggling, without anyone to fight their corner. This made me feel very lucky, but also that no matter what my 'day job' would be, I had to keep trying to help young people who can't help themselves. 

Throughout my English degree at University I continued to work part-time with children, and through my career whilst working full time in project and business management I've always volunteered to help young people, mentoring with charities such as Career Ready and Bolton Lads & Girls Club. 

My full-time job is in a large IT consultancy, so I'm either commuting to London to see clients or sitting behind a laptop. Perhaps because of the nature of my job, in my spare time, I love to be outdoors and recently moved to the Ribble Valley to be closer to the fells. I'm happiest when stomping up a mountain, and the feeling of fresh air and freedom is something I really crave. 

What makes me really passionate about Maggie's foundation is that it is focused on helping survivors, but also on exposing and putting an end to abuse in the first place. There is compassion and support for victims, but also relentless persistence in exposing agency failures and holding authorities to account. 

I'm here to help raise awareness and funds and do anything I can to help Maggie and the team in this mission. 

Follow me on Twitter @MissAnitaB


My name is Becky and I’m currently studying Psychology (Bsc) in Bath, specialising in trauma survival.

I have taken on emotional support roles for many years. This has been with varied ages in children’s groups, volunteering and one-on-one support. I have always felt very proud to provide this support, allowing it to nurture me as well as those I am working with. I found the Maggie Oliver foundation while looking for placements and was awestruck by their incredible support and empowering message. I believe that I can work within this organisation to help change policy but also support others survival journeys. As a survivor myself I can empathise greatly with others journey and shall also be conducting research to help change unjustified laws around sexual abuse.

Alongside my passion for turning pain into power I also love craft, Pilates and singing. I have used these hobbies to facilitate my own empowering journey and I hope to be able to come alongside everyone who works and accesses the foundation to find how to navigate their own empowering journeys.


Catherine is a Deputy Headteacher who has been in education for 22 years.

She is currently working at an independent Special Educational Needs School in Preston.

She graduated from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle in 1997 with a BA(Hons) in Music and Creative Arts. Following this, she studied for a further degree at the University of Sunderland in Music Education and decided to follow the route of teaching.

Throughout her career, Catherine has particularly enjoyed supporting families from varying demographics and has witnessed first-hand when higher powers ignore those who need support the most. She has chaired many multi-agency meetings involving the police, CAHMS, social services and educational professionals and is a fully trained CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) Ambassador.

In 2007, after a long campaign, Catherine was successful in attaining the Diana Award for Antibullying in schools, becoming the first middle school in Northumberland to achieve this prestigious accolade.

This was the platform for further work centred around equality and diversity within educational settings and Catherine soon became busy acting as a consultant in schools offering training on how to produce a more inclusive curriculum.

In Dec 2019 Catherine resigned from her position as DHT and was offered the role of Senior Mental Health Lead across Northumberland. She then went on to work for Stonewall, the largest human rights organisation in Europe, training schools across the UK in all aspects linked to equality and diversity.

Catherine enjoys volunteering and was a Special Constable for Northumbria Police in 1999 whilst studying at university.

Most recently she volunteered for the charity ‘Contact the Elderly’, an organisation that helps combat loneliness amongst the elderly generation by offering a bespoke befriending service.

Originally from Lancashire, Catherine enjoys cycling and is a keen musician- she has played keyboard in live bands across the North East since she started at university, most recently with the band Union Street, who play for many corporate events, weddings and celebrations.

Catherine first heard of Maggie Oliver years ago when news of the Rochdale grooming hit the media. She is very much looking forward to becoming more involved with the Foundation and being a part of something with such a positive objective.


My name is Codie and I have recently completed a BSc degree studying forensic psychology.

Throughout my time on the course my passion for helping others has excelled, leading me to last year obtain a new job as a mental health support worker. I support a wide range of people who suffer with mental health conditions, aiding them with daily tasks that they struggle with and building their confidence to live a fulfilled life.

I became aware of the Maggie Oliver Foundation whilst researching and was inspired when reading the visions and determination that it has to make a difference to the lives of survivors. With experience of working alongside individuals who have been victims of sexual abuse, I felt an urge to want to contribute my skills and help support even more people.

Everybody deserves to feel empowered and their voices to be heard! I look forward to contributing all that I can to the foundation to help people do so.

Holly Marsh

I was a student midwife for 2 years, I gained experience of the high pressured NHS and witnessed women’s emotions being dismissed due to the overcrowded wards and the pressure that the staff were under. This ultimately led to my decision to leave the profession. I then worked in a care home for adults with learning difficulties and mental health challenges.

I gained an understanding of life in a care setting and liaised with advocates and social workers regularly. I studied counselling skills whilst I worked in the care setting. I currently work at a pharmacy as a dispenser and I am studying for a masters in clinical counselling. As part of my course, I do see clients and currently counsel adults with a variety of Presenting issues.


I became a Maggie Oliver ambassador as I have been passionate about women’s rights for a long time. After completing performing arts college, I and my friend decided to take a gap year and travel across Europe. During this time, we worked as dancers and magician’s assistants in several countries at various venues. We envisioned a fun and carefree year. However, whilst working, I met women and girls from Eastern Europe and Thailand who had been trafficked into the same countries to work in various nightclubs and adult services. I and my friend, being from the UK, were somewhat protected from this as when we were propositioned by club owners or male customers, we could decline. Several of the women fIngridelt there only way out of this was to marry older and wealthier men. At this time, I remember feeling powerless to help but wanted to learn more about this exploitation and abuse of women so I could.

During my research I learnt more about human trafficking including the sexual abuse and atrocities towards women and girls in Bosnia. I was outraged at the injustices and decided to undertake formal training in what is now called modern slavery. When I attended a modern slavery conference in 2017, I was amazed to be the only health professional in the room and realised that there was a big gap of knowledge and support. I currently work as an associate professor in nursing and have introduced modern slavery and child sexual exploitation into the curriculum for student health professionals. I realised it was imperative to train health professionals to spot the signs so they can help survivors of sexual abuse and violence effectively.

I became aware of the amazing Maggie Oliver when I watched the Three Girls documentary. I decided this was something I needed to be a part of. I am a strong believer of switching pain into power, so I enrolled to become an ambassador with the Maggie Oliver foundation. I have three teenagers of my own, so I know how important it is to raise awareness and provide support. Members of my family are survivors, so I understand how vital this role is.


My name is Jade and I am a mum and a wife.

I have worked in a accounts assistant/PA role for well over 15 years. I love this job role this is why I have stuck with it for many years. I love to organise, problem solve and engage with different clients, suppliers and work colleagues.

When Covid hit I got made redundant from my job and it had me thinking that life is too short. I have always worked to pay the bills having become a mum at a young age and never really taken the time to ask myself what I wanted to do with life. I always thought everyone else comes first and I couldn’t possibly do anything else. One thing I had always wanted to do is volunteer and help other people but I always brushed it off thinking I never had what it takes. But I found the Maggie Oliver page and I kept on going back to it and eventually after a good talking to myself I applied. When I got accepted I was over the moon. I believe that if we stand up for what is right we can make a change. And I am proud to be one of the ambassadors.


I am currently a third-year law student at De Montfort University, I have undertaken various roles within local government that has fuelled my passion to be a voice for those who are in need the most. This led me to study law at a later time in my life so that I can continue to help those in need. My career goal is to qualify as a solicitor in an area of law which allows me to further my expertise and take on increased responsibility.

I also volunteer for the Citizens Advice Witness Service which gives me an insight into the criminal justice system and court procedures.

After watching the ‘three girls’ I was in ore with Maggie Oliver for a while after seeing the passion and dedication she has with young people who have suffered the evil of sexual child abuse. I wanted to help the MOF and contribute with the transferable skills I have and achieve positive outcomes for survivors of child sexual abuse. My aim to is research into the law and find the ‘loopholes’ to where sometimes the criminal justice system and people of higher authority fail and let us down.

I am a mother of three beautiful children, they are what motivates me the most to want to protect and keep safe all children who need support.

In my spare time, I enjoy walks, travelling and socialising with friends. I always have open ears and as most would say, I love to talk too!!

‘Let’s turn pain into power.’

Jess xxx


I'm Judy and I understand wholeheartedly the devastating and complex long-term effects of childhood trauma.

I have done a lot of research over the last 3 years and one day I discovered the award winning Three Girls. I then read Maggie's book in 24 hours as it was so gripping. From then on, I felt spurred on to support The Maggie Oliver Foundation and I will keep fighting to raise awareness about the insidious nature of grooming, CSA, CSE and CCE for the rest of my life.

My background is in art, and I find it empowering to express myself through various medias.

I'm a wellness Influencer alongside my day job and I love having ideas and bringing them to life.

I feel passionate about making survivors feel heard and helping them turn their pain into power. I want to help survivors take back control, that's what it's all about.

Judy X

Julie M


I am Julie and I have lived in North Manchester all my life and now settled in Oldham.

I work as a sales manager for a medical company and my background for the last 10 plus years has been working within the PPE and workwear industry.  My role is to develop new business and account manage.

I enjoy meeting people and building solid relationships with customers.

I watched the BBC mini-series Three Girls which was based in and around the Rochdale area and it is from there that I started to learn about grooming, something that I wasn’t aware of. Watching this programme opened my mind, I wondered if there was an opening to help and support  and I started to follow Maggie Oliver on social media and cheered her on when she went into the Big Brother House in 2018.

I bought Maggie’s book Survivors and began to read it whilst on a 10 day holiday to Spain and found that I just could not put it down and by the end of the holiday, I’d read it all and what a story it is.

Whilst I was scrolling through social media I noticed a post from Maggie saying that she was speaking at Urmston Library in October 2019 and I wanted to learn more about her journey so I went along.

Maggie spoke of The Maggie Oliver Foundation which is focused on helping survivors and making a real difference to the lives of survivors of childhood sexual abuse and I knew I wanted to help and support but I didn’t know how until The Christmas and New Year Ice Party in December 2019.

This was the very first Maggie Oliver Charity Ball and where I could work alongside different hospitality businesses to gain raffle prizes, which proved a success.

I am here to help raise funds, sponsorship and raise awareness of abuse.

Being an Ambassador for The Maggie Oliver Foundation makes me feel very honoured to be part of an amazing team who all share the same vision and values.

Transforming pain into Power and making a difference.


My name is Karen and I am delighted to support the amazing Maggie Oliver Foundation.

My background is diverse, I have worked in travel and tourism and for the NHS but I have seen first hand the devastating destruction of trauma and unresolved trauma. Awareness and support is getting better but there is still so much more to do and I feel passionate about being involved. Good mental health is as important as good physical health but so many people have been carrying issues for so long it becomes part of their identity and their world gets smaller. I am so inspired by Maggie's ability to give hope back to survivors and turn their "pain into power!"

I have 4 school aged children and I am determined that their generation are able to support one another so the ripple effect of this movement makes the world a nicer place to be.

Our home is the beautiful Wirral and the latest addition to our family is a black Labrador who is quite the fan of the beaches and woods that Wirral has to offer. He still has enough energy to chew everything in sight!

My wish is that nobody is defined or limited by their experiences but can blossom into the best version of themselves in spite of them.


My name is Kat, I'm mum to a teenager, a Yorkshire Terrier dog called Toby and a big grey horse called Cheese.  I am a qualified HR practitioner with years of experience in people management and leading support teams.  I'm a Chartered Member of the CIPD and have a Masters degree in HR Management. 

In my spare time when I'm not walking with my dog or taking part in equestrian events, I'm an activist in the global fight campaigning to end violence against women and girls.  I hold various roles which include being an ambassador for the UK Says No More, I am the Founder and Chairwoman of my own Beyond MeToo network, I've worked with employers on how to support their people who have been affected by Domestic Abuse and facilitated events in this space. My passion is helping people understand that domestic abuse and sexual violence is intersectional, it doesn’t discriminate and it does happen to people in the workplace, at all levels and it can affect men and women. I've worked with mainstream media platforms to influence and drive change and to abolish victim blaming and rape myths.

I use my own lived experience of sexual violence and what I learned navigating through the justice system to try and help other victims and survivors - and this is how I met Maggie Oliver as we featured on a live GB News piece being interviewed together commenting on the findings of the government's rape review.  Some of my work has seen me speaking at parliamentary events with MP's, Police Chiefs, charities and experts in the sexual violence space. I have worked with various Police teams and their wider network including the CPS around improving their response to sexual violence.  I was part of the legal challenge against the CPS supporting EVAW and the Centre for Women’s Justice and featured in their media campaign. I also work with the ConsentCollective which help communities talk about consent, gender, sexual harassment, relationships, sexual assault & domestic abuse.  I feel it is now time to put my energy into helping others heal from injustice, putting my own pain into power and giving back some of the support that I've received over the years and I am extremely proud to be part of The Maggie Oliver Foundation.


Hello! My name is Kate. I'm from the west country, although I did spend 7 years living in Greece where I had my wonderful (now grown-up) son. My Greek language has become a little rusty, but I can get by conversationally! I miss that Mediterranean way of life! I also have an amazing partner, who couldn't be more supportive. Neither did he give up on me when times got very, very dark. As a survivor, I am more than aware of the effects of PTSD & trauma. After being given no option, due to health concerns, I had to make some really big life changes. Eventually, I began training as a counsellor. Today I am an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor (and hypnotherapist!) Whilst I was training I volunteered at an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre and I was saddened to hear how many service users had suffered child sexual abuse/exploitation. Listening to them they had felt they had no voice.

When I saw Maggie Oliver being interviewed at the end of last year, I wanted to become an ambassador to give survivors a voice. To be heard. I feel privileged to be an ambassador for the Maggie Oliver Foundation and the incredible work the whole team do.

When I am not counselling, I love walking on the beach. I also love going ballroom & Latin dancing with my partner. It's probably one of the funniest things I've ever experienced and takes 'lack of coordination' to a whole new level! It's the simple things that make me happy.


Kelly is a survivor who wanted to give something back to the team of people who supported her when she needed help and guidance. She is a keen fundraiser and has participated in several events helping to raise money for various charities. Kelly-Ann has a passion to help survivors stop living in fear of their lives and to play a part in helping them live a normal life again. In her spare time, Kelly Ann enjoys walking, cycling and helping others. She is also the proud mum of her beautiful daughters. Kelly-Ann is proud of how far she has come so far and is eager to support those who need a helping, friendly hand.


Volunteering is a natural choice for me and a real opportunity to contribute in a way that is worthwhile and valued. There are many, many issues that illicit a sense of injustice in me but none more so than violence and sexual violence against women and children. The Maggie Oliver Foundation really struck a chord, not just because of a shared belief in giving a voice to those without one, but because they are committed to exposing injustice and misuse of power, without exception and at all costs, and are totally dedicated to empowering survivors so that they know they have the right not to be defined by their sexual abuse and past trauma.

Having spent my career working in media, for some of the highest profile brands in the UK, it was time to give something back. So here I am.

I am happily married, with a daughter of nearly 18, two dogs and an incredibly pretty cat. In my spare time I love to wild swim - the colder the better, go to the gym, eat fabulous food, travel, walk, ski and read. I am never happier than when my house is full to the rafters with people, food and lots of laughter!


Lisa is an accredited Play Therapist working with children who experience social and emotional difficulties. As part of her work, Lisa supports families including those in foster and adoptive care and enjoys working alongside external agencies such as social services, mental health organisations and other such support groups.

Lisa has worked as a Nanny which saw her travel across the world before spending time as a nursery nurse.

She volunteered for SOVA – working with teenage women on probation- helping them to rejoin society with a developed and more positive attitude.

Lisa graduated from Canterbury Christchurch University in 2014 and-having volunteered for two years across several schools in West and North Yorkshire- she decided to set up her own business in Therapeutic Services straight away.

Prior to this, Lisa volunteered for Childline where she enjoyed the role of phone-line counsellor on the late night shift. Lisa learnt many skills throughout this time and realised her true passion for supporting families- even from this remote point of view.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys keeping fit and active and was once a taekwondo instructor working alongside young people, using physical activity to help manage emotions and alleviate negativity.

She is a keen cyclist and has run several events raising money for various charities over the years. (Lisa used to work as a celebrity lookalike whereupon she met some amazing celebrities on the red carpet).

Lisa was aware of the situation in Rochdale and was keen to find out more about how she could use her skills to help and support those affected. She is looking forward to working with the Foundation and already feels part of a team with a shared vision of how to make the best positive changes to the existing system.


Hello, I am Maureen and my interest in the work of Maggie Oliver and her team has grown over the past year. I read her book and heard Maggie being interviewed on the radio and TV, I thought she is truly inspirational, so I decided to contact her to see if I could help in some way.

I have been interested in the unmet needs of girls and young women in the Inner City Areas of Leeds & Bradford when working their over a number of years. Despite mothers of young people asking for help from the agencies, Police, Social Services and Schools who should have helped but failed to do so I decided I would try to assist myself. After many years in a variety of roles I realised I was fighting a losing battle.

On a personal note I am married my husband and I have 4 adult children and 5 grandchildren and I have many other interests such as reading , research , the gym and of course many good friends.

My professional expertise is in consultancy fundraising for Charities who required large amounts of funds for a specific project, raising the funds, recruiting new staff to run the projects and then moving on, which has been very rewarding. If I can put some of this knowledge into practise for the Maggie Oliver Foundation then I will be very happy to do so.

I have a M.A. in Managing Change in the Community and during this period it became obvious to me that those who could make some of the changes Maggie was requesting were not doing so. I also have a Degree in Business in the Community. I am a member of Institute of Fundraising and also a former Chair of the Yorkshire Branch. In my unpaid roles of community work I have been a Councillor and became the Leader for a number of years and also a Magistrate. I was an advisor for many local voluntary groups and I enjoyed this too.

So if I can help to turn pain into power I am happy to be a part of this important work. I am looking forward to working alongside the other ambassadors to help achieve some of the Maggie Oliver Foundations goals.


I am married and have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters. I was born in Scotland, raised in Sheffield and have lived in Staffordshire since 2001.

I found out about the MOF from a friend who is currently an ambassador for MO. When she told me about the foundation I was amazed at the the work they do supporting survivors. Not only that, but the incredible work they do to help stop abuse and exploitation. I felt I had to try and contribute to this awesome foundation in some way.

I have spent the last 20 years working in various social care roles with the most vulnerable client groups and have gained much knowledge, experience and skills which I hope to be able to utilise when supporting our survivors. I have always been drawn to working in a supporting role, mainly due to my own life experience.

I started a degree in social science at Staffordshire university in 2001, and started my first placement at a direct access hostel in Stafford. That’s when I realised that I wanted to help people that were vulnerable and needed support. I then started working with YOT as a volunteer on reparation panels, and then worked as a social work assistant I. adult complex needs. After that, I moved into substance misuse and worked in a YOI. During this time I also fostered a teenage girl with many ACE’s and since then my whole working career has been about supporting the vulnerable.

I worked with Brighter Futures in Stoke first as a SARC crisis worker and this really inspired me to want to support survivors of exploitation and abuse as I had first hand experience of the injustice of the legal system and the massive challenges faced when trying to get justice and stop abuse . I have spent the last 8 years working in substance misuse and have seen the long term impact abuse has on every area of an individuals life from childhood to adulthood, and feel passionately about my role and changing the broken legal system.

I have worked in CSE as well as Base 58, a project based in Stoke working with children 11 to 18 yrs who were at risk of, or have been, sexually exploited. They aim to increase awareness, prevent and stop exploitation. I was also responsible for the men and boys project working with males who had been abused or exploited age range from 11 years to adulthood.

As well as professional experience, I have also got my own personal experience of many of the complex issues faced. Having lived with addiction, domestic violence, absent parents, physical , mental and sexual abuse, and suffering bereavement I can understand these issues as both a professional and as someone with real life experience of dealing with this and hope this enables me to support other survivors to "Turn their pain into POWER"

I’m very proud to have been accepted as an Ambassador for MOF and I hope to offer my support to as many of our survivors as possible on their journey and support the continued fight with MOF to stop abuse altogether! I’m so excited to start my journey with MOF! 🥰❤️🥰


Olivia is the Child Abuse and Exploitation Policy Lead at the Centre for Social Justice. Prior to this, she was Special Adviser to the Home Secretary on Crime, Policing and Vulnerability where she worked extensively on the Domestic Abuse Bill, Online Safety Bill and violence against women and girls. Before working in Government, she helped establish the office of the first Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner and worked on the Modern Slavery Act. Olivia is an animal lover, devoted sister and godmother to two lovely little girls. She is passionate about empowering survivors to access both justice and support.


My name is Parveen. I have just celebrated my silver wedding anniversary, I have no children but I'm an aunty to seven nieces and nephews.

After watching the Three Girls Drama I have admired Maggie Oliver from afar, so when the volunteering role presented itself I jumped at the chance to be part of this fantastic team.

My main job is in recruitment but since 2017 I have volunteered for the Samaritans which gives me an insight into the power of “listening” and just being there for people, which I think really matters.  This foundation helping survivors turn their 'pain into power’, is amazing and I am proud to have been chosen to be part of it.

In my spare time, I go to the gym regularly and enjoy long walks, also socialising with friends.


I’m Rachel, and I’m a podcaster, radio producer and theatre teacher. I went to University quite late (at 26) and loved every minute of it. I graduated during the pandemic with a First Class Hons in Television and Radio production. I’ve now rediscovered my love for writing and making things again, and I’m also lucky enough to combine this with teaching 6-18 year olds at my local theatre. I love working with my friends to direct shows and try to help young people who come to us. I’m a very proud mum to my ten-year-old daughter. She’s my proudest achievement and we love walking, discovering, cooking, chilling and holidaying together. I met Maggie on a podcast recording in 2020 and became involved as I felt so inspired to try and help to support her work and the Foundation.


Hi, my name is Sadie. I am in the final year of my psychology degree at the University of Bolton, and I am currently studying the effectiveness of group therapy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I am a survivor myself, so I have a keen interest in researching this topic further and I hope to enrol on a masters course later this year!

I have been aware of Maggie since reading her book and I have been a huge admirer of hers ever since learning her story. I was absolutely determined to become a volunteer when I learned of the foundation, and it is a huge honour to help others turn their pain into power like I have been able to.

I am a mum to two amazing children who keep me motivated, and I am enjoying being able to show them that you can overcome difficulties with the correct support, and go on to achieve positive goals in life.

In my spare time I enjoy singing and I perform at local open mic nights and charity events. Music has always been my escapism and I thoroughly enjoy going to gigs and concerts when I am able to!


My name is Susan, and I am currently studying in the last year of my Level 4 Counselling course.

I am a family-orientated person, having 7 children, with a history of autism within my family. I have two dogs and a cat, and I am married to a qualified Barrister. I have volunteered previously as a Thai-boxing instructor, teaching children, adults, and even police officers. I have worked for many years in the care industry, undertaking domiciliary work and I currently look after a lady with autism.

I joined The Maggie Oliver Foundation as I am myself a survivor, and I am also the parent of a survivor. Being a survivor means I can understand the issues people may be going through, and I have been undertaking further training with the Foundation.

I cannot wait to start helping others.


I joined TMOF as an ambassador  to help our brave survivors turn their Pain into Power. and live their life to the fullest despite the challenges they have faced.

I love being part of a team of like-minded caring people, all with the same aims. 

Our Foundation is unique and I am proud of the work we do.


Hi I'm Tania, previously an Assistant Head- Teacher and Safeguarding Lead for a secondary school. I have over 10 years of experience working in Education and have held various positions. My experience working with vulnerable young people has been central to my career and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. My passion and drive comes from supporting and helping those most vulnerable, who often feel they have no voice.

During my career in Education, I had been responsible for managing those children in care. This experience was a huge eye opener for me into an area I initially knew little about. During my time, I learnt a lot about the challenges and difficulties young people in the care system experience. It gave me an insight about the struggles of not having a secure permenant home, being separated from your loved ones and the emotional turmoil these young people were facing.

As a Safeguarding Lead, I was heavily involved in keeping children safe particularly those that were seen to be at risk or on the child protection register. This experience gave me an in-depth understanding of neglect, exploitation, grooming, mental health and much more. I have had experience working with young people who are vulnerable to self harming, risk of suicide, substance misuse and exposure to criminality.

In my personal time, I am also a qualified Life Coach. This has been a great experience for me working with adults who require the support and motivation. I support them to overcome their challenges in life which are causing them to remain stuck and unable to move forward. I help them assess their own life and guide them to realise everything stems from the mind. Every thought in the mind, leads to a feeling which controls everything we do. This experience has taught me the art of listening, sometimes that's all a person wants. just someone to listen!

I have always been interested in sexual exploitation so I was thrilled to learn about the Maggie Oliver Trust. I first heard of Maggie during the Rotherham scandal. This intrigued me further to want to support and help with this amazing charity.


Theresa has now retired following a career within the NHS spanning almost 50 years. Working as an Emergency Department nurse, a Nursing Officer within the Territorial Army and then for the last 30 years as a midwife. Specialising in low risk, midwife only care, Theresa worked in community settings in Cornwall and Bristol and in Maternity Units in Guernsey and Birmingham. Having a special interest in addiction, domestic abuse and vulnerable women, Theresa provided sensitive care for women, during their childbirth experience.

Theresa enjoys local walks and more lengthy hikes. Having completed the Camino de Santiago twice, Portuguese Camino, European Peace Walk and Lycean Way in Turkey, these taking between 3 and 5 weeks and being between 200 to 500 miles in length. It was during hiking the Lycean Way that Theresa was chatting to a lady from Rochdale up in the Turkish mountains when Maggie Oliver walked past! This chance encounter encouraged Theresa on returning home to investigate recent developments surrounding the case of grooming gangs and Child Sexual Abuse. Here she became aware of The Maggie Oliver Foundation and knew this was where she would be able to offer some time and support to victims, using skills she had obtained during her professional life and various counselling courses.

Theresa has three grown-up children and four delightful grandchildren, who she loves to spend time with.


I'm Yvonne , I've previously worked in finance and telecommunications, the later being the majority of my working life.

Although working in these industries, I have always had a passion to be a voice for those in need, using my skills and character to support women and children who needed it most. This lead me on to working in the voluntary sector where I have had previous voluntary positions at the women's refuge where I helped supporting the women and children, this also put me on a path to study counselling skills. I have also volunteered with MASH ( Manchester action on street health) as an outreach worker supporting sex workers with health, Safety and emotional wellbeing. During covid I joined the NHS volunteers making calls to the elderly and vunrable, checking in with them, escalating any issues and generally having a good old chat, I also received some great cake recipes and tips too from a few elderly ladies.

I live in Lancashire and at home there's just me and a demanding 20 year old balinese cat lola, who came from a rescue. I also own a horse, Georgous George but due to health reasons I no longer ride so he is out on full loan to a very experienced home who adore him and I'm lucky i get to see him regularly. I enjoy the countryside and being outdoors, I'm fortunate as I dont live too far from the countryside. Spring is my favourite season seeing all the newborn livestock in the fields and the flowers coming through and the crisp cool mornings. I also enjoy cooking, whilst on holiday in Vietnam I did a cookery course and with the help of a chef made some delicious courses which I still make at home for myself and friends.

I had previously heard of Maggie Oliver a few years ago and at the time I thought what a brave and selfless lady, giving up her career to expose grooming gangs and child abuse, the failures of agencies and authorities that should of protected these young girls, her passion and bravery really stuck with me. I watched the drama ' three girls ' and last year I read Maggies book. I knew then that one day I wanted to be part of this amazing foundation and when the time was right for me healthwise that's just what I did. I'm proud to be an ambassador working with such a passionate and caring team who share the same vision and values. Giving survivor's a voice, helping to turn around their pain to power, getting justice and campaign for change.

Please note, our team are taking a short break over Christmas as will not be checking emails regularly. We'll respond once we are back on Tuesday 3rd January. Thank you for understanding.

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