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I am a passionate advocate for justice, with a background deeply rooted in law and financial crime compliance.

My journey began 15 years ago in criminal law as a trainee solicitor but my desire to proactively disrupt organized crime groups led me to transition into the realm of financial crime and regulatory compliance.

Having seen Maggie's dedication to supporting survivors and shining a light on the darkest corners of abuse, the Foundation's mission resonated with me deeply. Being a survivor myself, watching Maggie's courage in exposing systemic failures and fighting for those who have been silenced, moved me beyond words can explain.

Maggie's relentless pursuit of truth and her passion for making society safer for vulnerable individuals serve as a guiding light for me.

As an Ambassador, I hope to channel my passion for justice and protection of the most vulnerable into supporting survivors and driving positive change.


My name is Becky and I’m currently studying Psychology (Bsc) in Bath, specialising in trauma survival.

I have taken on emotional support roles for many years. This has been with varied ages in children’s groups, volunteering and one-on-one support. I have always felt very proud to provide this support, allowing it to nurture me as well as those I am working with. I found the Maggie Oliver foundation while looking for placements and was awestruck by their incredible support and empowering message. I believe that I can work within this organisation to help change policy but also support others survival journeys. As a survivor myself I can empathise greatly with others journey and shall also be conducting research to help change unjustified laws around sexual abuse.

Alongside my passion for turning pain into power I also love craft, Pilates and singing. I have used these hobbies to facilitate my own empowering journey and I hope to be able to come alongside everyone who works and accesses the foundation to find how to navigate their own empowering journeys.


Hi I’m Bonnie

I am a very greatful ambassador for The Maggie Oliver Foundation. I enjoy playing music, travelling, empowering myself and others and I have a very bossy Chihuahua who’s my absolute rock!

I have experience mentoring Vulnerable adults in a Trauma informed setting and I have Co Facilitated a Music therapy group and I have a Diploma in DVA among other training.

As a survivor I have first hand experience but have also witnessed many ways in which Survivors are bitterly let down and silenced by society and by the Justice system. Due to these experiences, meeting and hearing of so many inspirational people, my eyes were truly opened to the outreach of strong individuals who share my passion for change and making a difference no matter how big or small…

I heard of The Maggie Oliver Foundation whilst on my own personal healing journey and after researching and following the amazing work the foundation does I was in awe at the brave and impactful message and knew I really needed to get involved and support others in any way that I could.

It’s been an absolute gift to be trusted in being a stepping stone of a Survivor's journey of turning their Pain in to power.


My name is Codie and I have recently completed a BSc degree studying forensic psychology.

Throughout my time on the course my passion for helping others has excelled, leading me to last year obtain a new job as a mental health support worker. I support a wide range of people who suffer with mental health conditions, aiding them with daily tasks that they struggle with and building their confidence to live a fulfilled life.

I became aware of the Maggie Oliver Foundation whilst researching and was inspired when reading the visions and determination that it has to make a difference to the lives of survivors. With experience of working alongside individuals who have been victims of sexual abuse, I felt an urge to want to contribute my skills and help support even more people.

Everybody deserves to feel empowered and their voices to be heard! I look forward to contributing all that I can to the foundation to help people do so.


My name is Dee, I work in corporate banking,  I’m a wife and a busy mum to 2 beautiful girls. I love walking, camping and reading. But most of all, I love helping people, it’s always been a passion of mine. So I wanted to give something back and help others.

Being from the wider Rochdale borough, I’ve known about the grooming scandal that featured on BBC Three girls, for a long time. However, when I read Maggie’s book last year I knew I had to get involved, helping survivors and raising awareness about what too many vulnerable people in this modern age go through, and the lack of resources available to help them.

I love being whatever the survivor needs me to be, and giving that survivor a voice, when so many people haven’t listened to them for years.  At the foundation we provide non judgmental support where other channels seem to have judged them, and I cherish the bonds I make working with my survivors. It felt like a perfect fit to get involved with such a powerful charity.

I love being an ambassador for the Maggie Oliver Foundation and look forward to helping many more people in the future.


Thirty years ago I became a befriender at my local Hospice and I had my first introductory training in ‘listening’ skills. After a career in the voluntary and public sectors and many training courses later. I have concluded that taking time to listen to an individual tell their story in a safe and respectful setting, can create the head room people need to think clearly.

Possibly for the first time in a person’s life, they really sense they are being heard and acknowledged. And options for resolution, restitution and perhaps adopting a different outlook on day to day life can fill the space that was once filled with anger and angst. The Maggie Oliver Foundation is a safe place for people to turn to knowing they will be listened to, heard and believed. The Foundation’s culture is not based on fine worded mission statements or lists of values that evaporate when put to the test by its Support Workers and Ambassadors. It is a network of people who know what is the morally right way or wrong way to treat another human being. The Foundation’s people understand the consequences that ensue when individuals are not given the proper attention they need when they need it.

For me it is about working for an organisation that is led by someone who understands common human decency. The Foundation has humanity running through its operational systems and processes, like ‘Blackpool’ runs through a stick of rock.

That is why I am happy to give my time to the Foundation to support its work.


I became a Maggie Oliver ambassador as I have been passionate about women’s rights for a long time. After completing performing arts college, I and my friend decided to take a gap year and travel across Europe. During this time, we worked as dancers and magician’s assistants in several countries at various venues. We envisioned a fun and carefree year. However, whilst working, I met women and girls from Eastern Europe and Thailand who had been trafficked into the same countries to work in various nightclubs and adult services. I and my friend, being from the UK, were somewhat protected from this as when we were propositioned by club owners or male customers, we could decline. Several of the women fIngridelt there only way out of this was to marry older and wealthier men. At this time, I remember feeling powerless to help but wanted to learn more about this exploitation and abuse of women so I could.

During my research I learnt more about human trafficking including the sexual abuse and atrocities towards women and girls in Bosnia. I was outraged at the injustices and decided to undertake formal training in what is now called modern slavery. When I attended a modern slavery conference in 2017, I was amazed to be the only health professional in the room and realised that there was a big gap of knowledge and support. I currently work as an associate professor in nursing and have introduced modern slavery and child sexual exploitation into the curriculum for student health professionals. I realised it was imperative to train health professionals to spot the signs so they can help survivors of sexual abuse and violence effectively.

I became aware of the amazing Maggie Oliver when I watched the Three Girls documentary. I decided this was something I needed to be a part of. I am a strong believer of switching pain into power, so I enrolled to become an ambassador with the Maggie Oliver foundation. I have three teenagers of my own, so I know how important it is to raise awareness and provide support. Members of my family are survivors, so I understand how vital this role is.


My name is Jade and I am a mum and a wife.

I have worked in a accounts assistant/PA role for well over 15 years. I love this job role this is why I have stuck with it for many years. I love to organise, problem solve and engage with different clients, suppliers and work colleagues.

When Covid hit I got made redundant from my job and it had me thinking that life is too short. I have always worked to pay the bills having become a mum at a young age and never really taken the time to ask myself what I wanted to do with life. I always thought everyone else comes first and I couldn’t possibly do anything else. One thing I had always wanted to do is volunteer and help other people but I always brushed it off thinking I never had what it takes. But I found the Maggie Oliver page and I kept on going back to it and eventually after a good talking to myself I applied. When I got accepted I was over the moon. I believe that if we stand up for what is right we can make a change. And I am proud to be one of the ambassadors.


My name is Karen and I am delighted to support the amazing Maggie Oliver Foundation.

My background is diverse, I have worked in travel and tourism and for the NHS but I have seen first hand the devastating destruction of trauma and unresolved trauma. Awareness and support is getting better but there is still so much more to do and I feel passionate about being involved. Good mental health is as important as good physical health but so many people have been carrying issues for so long it becomes part of their identity and their world gets smaller. I am so inspired by Maggie's ability to give hope back to survivors and turn their "pain into power!"

I have 4 school aged children and I am determined that their generation are able to support one another so the ripple effect of this movement makes the world a nicer place to be.

Our home is the beautiful Wirral and the latest addition to our family is a black Labrador who is quite the fan of the beaches and woods that Wirral has to offer. He still has enough energy to chew everything in sight!

My wish is that nobody is defined or limited by their experiences but can blossom into the best version of themselves in spite of them.


Kelly is a survivor who wanted to give something back to the team of people who supported her when she needed help and guidance. She is a keen fundraiser and has participated in several events helping to raise money for various charities. Kelly-Ann has a passion to help survivors stop living in fear of their lives and to play a part in helping them live a normal life again. In her spare time, Kelly Ann enjoys walking, cycling and helping others. She is also the proud mum of her beautiful daughters. Kelly-Ann is proud of how far she has come so far and is eager to support those who need a helping, friendly hand.


Volunteering is a natural choice for me and a real opportunity to contribute in a way that is worthwhile and valued. There are many, many issues that illicit a sense of injustice in me but none more so than violence and sexual violence against women and children. The Maggie Oliver Foundation really struck a chord, not just because of a shared belief in giving a voice to those without one, but because they are committed to exposing injustice and misuse of power, without exception and at all costs, and are totally dedicated to empowering survivors so that they know they have the right not to be defined by their sexual abuse and past trauma.

Having spent my career working in media, for some of the highest profile brands in the UK, it was time to give something back. So here I am.

I am happily married, with a daughter of nearly 18, two dogs and an incredibly pretty cat. In my spare time I love to wild swim - the colder the better, go to the gym, eat fabulous food, travel, walk, ski and read. I am never happier than when my house is full to the rafters with people, food and lots of laughter!


Hi, im Louise. I am a 37 year old mother of two. I am studying Law and Language and writing my very own autobiography which so far is three years in the making.

I have the relevent qualifications and vitae to support the foundation but mostly I have the life experience which contributes to my compassion, concern and a deeper understanding.

Working for The MOF is a passion for me. Throughout my life I have worked with various individuals of all ages across different settings with diverse needs and is a role I find rewarding.

My aim here is to make a positive contribution for change and toward the fight for justice. I am resilient and tenacious.

Working alongside Maggie previously taking our fight to the media and exposing the injustice that so many experience across the country brought us one step closer to challenging and creating awareness for change.

I was lucky enough to be part of the very first MOF survivors ball. It was a truly magnificent and moving experience. It was a privilege to be a part of organising the fund rasing for such a meaningful charity and something I will continue to do. Seeing and hearing so many amazing stories and seeing how much the foundation has, is and continues to help each and every single one of you is superb! You guys are my reason and you drive my determination.

Being a survivor of sexual abuse means that I understand the catastrophic impact this has upon not just yourself but those around you. It is important for me to lead by example whilst supporting you through your journey and in becoming a stronger version of yourself. It might not be easy but it will be worth it. Always remember to believe in yourself and know that you are worth it!

Together we will stand in solidarity!

Together we are power in numbers!

Together we will turn pain in to power!


Hello, I’m Mary

I recently concluded a 30-year career within policing having dealt with extremely challenging investigations and supporting members of the public during some of the most traumatic events of their life. I worked across all areas of policing but the one area that I always found hugely rewarding was that of Public Protection where I was able to support both children and adults who had experienced significant incidences of abuse and exploitation.

Having both investigated and supervised many investigations, I have insight into what works well and not so well within the judicial process. I witnessed firsthand the impact on many and the devastation such investigations would often have on family members desperate to support their loved one. It is often a very lonely place for many and can be confusing when navigating such complex and lengthy processes.

This is one of the reasons why I applied to become an Ambassador for The Maggie Oliver Foundation. Having acquired a wealth of knowledge I am looking forward to the opportunity of being able to support our survivors by drawing upon all my experiences so that they are empowered to make their own decisions and most importantly…. what is right for them.


Hi, I'm Marie.

I have worked within various social care settings throughout my whole adult life.

Safeguarding is a passion for me and it runs through my veins from the experiences of many vulnerable people that I have supported. I find it essential to not only support people but also to empower them, help people to believe in themselves so much so that the energy they feel will ignite a light in others. Which in turns enables people to be their best selves.

C.S.E is a subject that has gripped me throughout my career, and I feel so privileged to now be a part of this foundation. Over the years finally I can see other professionals' attitudes towards this subject shifting and recognising the enormity of the scale of how CSE impacts not only the victim but their loved ones too.

This traumatic impact does not end when the abuse does so I have always struggled with the attitudes of others in not being proactive when all the signs were there, and then not reacting as quickly as they should in preventing harm.

I have followed and been a huge fan of Maggie for many years and I have nothing but total respect and admiration for the lengths that she has had to go through to not only highlight C.S.E but to support the fight for justice. Which is why when this opportunity came up to actively be a part of this team I knew I wanted to fully commit to this process of turning pain into power, helping raise awareness and actually being able to support by just being a listening ear, being non judgemental and being there for anybody who just needs a chat.

Although personally I have not been a victim of CSE over the years I have worked with countless victims and their families.

I have however lived through traumatic experiences which is why I am so passionate about everything that I do, because I always think what would I need if I was that person and there's also a side of me that feels the need to be the person that I needed during my own battles, nobody should ever live in fear and everybody should have their voice heard.

So with that said, a bit about me personally I absolutely love exercise ! The harder the exercise the more I enjoy it. My favourite hobby is weight lifting. But my absolute day one, full blown love of my life is Music! It's always been an obsession of mine, I cannot go a day without it, its like medicine for the soul!


I am married and have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters. I was born in Scotland, raised in Sheffield and have lived in Staffordshire since 2001.

I found out about the MOF from a friend who is currently an ambassador for MO. When she told me about the foundation I was amazed at the the work they do supporting survivors. Not only that, but the incredible work they do to help stop abuse and exploitation. I felt I had to try and contribute to this awesome foundation in some way.

I have spent the last 20 years working in various social care roles with the most vulnerable client groups and have gained much knowledge, experience and skills which I hope to be able to utilise when supporting our survivors. I have always been drawn to working in a supporting role, mainly due to my own life experience.

I started a degree in social science at Staffordshire university in 2001, and started my first placement at a direct access hostel in Stafford. That’s when I realised that I wanted to help people that were vulnerable and needed support. I then started working with YOT as a volunteer on reparation panels, and then worked as a social work assistant I. adult complex needs. After that, I moved into substance misuse and worked in a YOI. During this time I also fostered a teenage girl with many ACE’s and since then my whole working career has been about supporting the vulnerable.

I worked with Brighter Futures in Stoke first as a SARC crisis worker and this really inspired me to want to support survivors of exploitation and abuse as I had first hand experience of the injustice of the legal system and the massive challenges faced when trying to get justice and stop abuse . I have spent the last 8 years working in substance misuse and have seen the long term impact abuse has on every area of an individuals life from childhood to adulthood, and feel passionately about my role and changing the broken legal system.

I have worked in CSE as well as Base 58, a project based in Stoke working with children 11 to 18 yrs who were at risk of, or have been, sexually exploited. They aim to increase awareness, prevent and stop exploitation. I was also responsible for the men and boys project working with males who had been abused or exploited age range from 11 years to adulthood.

As well as professional experience, I have also got my own personal experience of many of the complex issues faced. Having lived with addiction, domestic violence, absent parents, physical , mental and sexual abuse, and suffering bereavement I can understand these issues as both a professional and as someone with real life experience of dealing with this and hope this enables me to support other survivors to "Turn their pain into POWER"

I’m very proud to have been accepted as an Ambassador for MOF and I hope to offer my support to as many of our survivors as possible on their journey and support the continued fight with MOF to stop abuse altogether! I’m so excited to start my journey with MOF! 🥰❤️🥰


Hello, I'm Parveen.

My professional journey has primarily been in the field of corporate recruitment, with the majority of my career spent in London, where I worked for various reputable firms. In 2016, I made the decision to return to Manchester, my hometown.

A pivotal moment in my life occurred after watching the powerful drama "Three Girls." This experience ignited a deeper interest within me to make a positive impact. That very evening, I scoured the internet and submitted an application to join Samaritans. I officially became a member of their Manchester team in 2017, and this choice has profoundly shaped my path. Additionally, I had the privilege of reading Maggie's book, and I greatly admired the incredible work she does. When the opportunity to contribute as a volunteer arose, I eagerly seized it to become a part of this remarkable team.

I firmly believe in the profound significance of listening without judgment, devoid of any intent to influence or harbor bias. This ability is vital.

The training I received from both Samaritans and Maggie's organisation proved invaluable. Not only did it equip me with the skills required for volunteer work, but it has also imparted invaluable life lessons.

Being able to support survivors by providing them with a safe space to share their voices is an incredible honour I hold in high regard. In my personal life, I have recently started assisting my husband in establishing "The PowerMind," a digital program focused on mental health and well-being. It is designed to help individuals in high-pressure job environments.


I’m Rachel, and I’m a podcaster, radio producer and theatre teacher. I went to University quite late (at 26) and loved every minute of it. I graduated during the pandemic with a First Class Hons in Television and Radio production. I’ve now rediscovered my love for writing and making things again, and I’m also lucky enough to combine this with teaching 6-18 year olds at my local theatre. I love working with my friends to direct shows and try to help young people who come to us. I’m a very proud mum to my ten-year-old daughter. She’s my proudest achievement and we love walking, discovering, cooking, chilling and holidaying together. I met Maggie on a podcast recording in 2020 and became involved as I felt so inspired to try and help to support her work and the Foundation.


Hi, my name is Sadie. I am in the final year of my psychology degree at the University of Bolton, and I am currently studying the effectiveness of group therapy for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I am a survivor myself, so I have a keen interest in researching this topic further and I hope to enrol on a masters course later this year!

I have been aware of Maggie since reading her book and I have been a huge admirer of hers ever since learning her story. I was absolutely determined to become a volunteer when I learned of the foundation, and it is a huge honour to help others turn their pain into power like I have been able to.

I am a mum to two amazing children who keep me motivated, and I am enjoying being able to show them that you can overcome difficulties with the correct support, and go on to achieve positive goals in life.

In my spare time I enjoy singing and I perform at local open mic nights and charity events. Music has always been my escapism and I thoroughly enjoy going to gigs and concerts when I am able to!


Hello My name is Scott,

I have been on both sides of the Justice system for the last 35 years. I was a prison listener helping younger vulnerable prisoners with their concerns on prison life and being away from their families. I found this role very rewarding.

I was abused repeatedly by ane officer so five years ago I decided to report this to the police. The police took years to even investigate, but I persevered and the officer was finally questioned. Although the case did not go any further I still battled against the justice system and claimed through the CICA, although I had been informed it was impossible by solicitor's. I represented myself and was finally awarded after 27 years making it one of the longest claims.

I worked for Nacro a Youth Justice charity working with young people who had committed low level crimes, as part of this role we had a mentoring programme working with the young people after they had been referred to our organisation. This was challenging at times but equally as rewarding when we could see the results of our encouragement with the young people.

After completing my law degree a few years ago, I now lecture in the criminal justice system to Universities and advise on Policy to political parties.

Volunteering as an ambassador with TMOF is a role that I am immensely proud to do and will hopefully be able to help anyone who needs guidance or just someone to talk to with an understanding ear.


My name is Susan, and I am currently studying in the last year of my Level 4 Counselling course.

I am a family-orientated person, having 7 children, with a history of autism within my family. I have two dogs and a cat, and I am married to a qualified Barrister. I have volunteered previously as a Thai-boxing instructor, teaching children, adults, and even police officers. I have worked for many years in the care industry, undertaking domiciliary work and I currently look after a lady with autism.

I joined The Maggie Oliver Foundation as I am myself a survivor, and I am also the parent of a survivor. Being a survivor means I can understand the issues people may be going through, and I have been undertaking further training with the Foundation.

I cannot wait to start helping others.

Please note, our team are taking a short break over Christmas as will not be checking emails regularly. We'll respond once we are back on Tuesday 3rd January. Thank you for understanding.

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