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Everyone's experience of sexual abuse is different. The Maggie Oliver Foundation helps survivors transform their own 'pain into power', so each can move forward on their personal journey. Without support, survivors are often isolated and alone, with no knowledge of where to turn for the help and advice they need to begin rebuilding their shattered lives. But you are not alone anymore! Our 'Pain into Power' support service provides a safe place for survivors to be heard.

Emotional Support

We are here to support you. We offer the opportunity to talk to our empathetic supporters in complete confidence. Many of our team have their own lived experience of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation, which means they are non-judgmental and understand something of what you may be going through or how you may be feeling.

Our trained, trauma-informed and supervised volunteers provide ongoing support, a listening ear and signposting to relevant external services. Our unique approach allows each survivor to work with the same volunteer throughout their entire engagement with the Foundation. This ensures that survivors avoid having to repeat traumatic details of their abuse and enables them to form a trusting one-to-one relationship which has been shown to be so vital in recovery from trauma.

I feel that I have been let down so much in the past. I wish I had come across the Foundation sooner. The calls are really helping, the calls are hard work but I can see where it all fits together. You don’t get this support from anyone else it has been a lifeline for me. I can’t tell you how much just knowing the volunteer is there for me and I can speak makes all the difference. I just wish the organisation could educate social services on how to deal with survivors and victims of abuse.

A Survivor

Legal Advocacy

The criminal justice process can be opaque and daunting for victims and survivors. Especially those of traumatic interpersonal crimes, such as sexual abuse. It takes great courage to report such a crime. Sadly, we know from experience that the criminal justice system is often not fit for purpose in helping victims and survivors to obtain the justice they deserve.

Being let down by a system that you believed was there to protect you, can be upsetting, frustrating and leave you now knowing what steps to take next. We can help you to liaise with statutory services (including the police), ensure your rights are protected under The Victim’s Code, access support, legal advice, CICA compensation, therapy, training and education.

The support has been a godsend. We feel we are not alone. It has helped us cope with how we felt and what we have experienced, it’s been brilliant…..When we are ready, we would like to offer to be volunteers so we can help other parents that have been through a similar thing.

Parents of a survivor

What to expect next

One of our team will contact you within 5 working days who will work with you to understand what support you need. We are completely person-centred so will be led by you.

Should you want to access emotional support through our Pain into Power phoneline, you will be paired with one of our trained and trauma-informed volunteers who will work with you throughout your engagement with the Foundation.

Should you want support navigating the criminal justice system, our experienced staff will work with you to understand your situation, provide guidance and advocate on your behalf. Please note, we are unable to offer legal advice but can signpost you to law firms should you so require. We are building relationships with a number of trusted law firms but these are all independent of The Maggie Oliver Foundation. While we try our best to vet these firms, no signposting should be considered an endorsement.

Please note, our team are taking a short break over Christmas as will not be checking emails regularly. We'll respond once we are back on Tuesday 3rd January. Thank you for understanding.

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