Our Staff

  • Rick Pendlebury

    Legal Advocacy Manager

    I’m Rick, the Foundation’s Operation Manager. I’m responsible for all aspects of running our Pain Into Power phoneline. When you contact The Maggie Oliver Foundation, mine is likely to be the first friendly voice that you hear. It’s been a pleasure to be so involved in growing the Foundation and I’ve enjoyed turning my hand to anything: supporting survivors, advocating for them with statutory services, building and managing our CRM system and growing partnerships. Prior to joining TMOF, I spent over two decades as a police officer which has provided valuable insight into how the system can fail victims, strengthening my desire to help them to turn their Pain Into Power.

  • Jennie Lucas

    Chief Executive Officer

    I’m Jennie and I’m CEO at The Maggie Oliver Foundation, leading on fundraising, strategic development and the nuts and bolts behind the scenes that help the Foundation to continue to support survivors. As an accredited trauma-informed educator, I also provide training to our ambassadors. I started my career in finance, spending 13 years leading the European investment team of a NYSE listed property fund. After the birth of my son, I wanted a career that was more connected to “the real world”. I was as part of the team which established Little Village, where I was a proud trustee for six years. Little Village is one of the country’s largest baby bank charities and becoming a leading voice in the campaign against child poverty in the UK. Until mid-2023, I was also Chair of the trustee board at Out There, a charity supporting families of prisoners who are often the invisible victims of crime.

    During my second maternity leave, I trained to teach restorative justice to female offenders in prisons. Spending six weeks with small groups of women, I’d work with them to identify the ripple effect of their crimes. For many, this was a difficult journey as they reflected on traumatic past events that had led to their offending, sometimes involving sexual abuse in their childhoods. This led me to the amazing Maggie Oliver Foundation where I try my best to use my experience to give survivors a voice and to support them in turning their Pain Into Power.

  • Charlene Warwick

    Emotional Support Manager

    In my role as the Emotional Support Manager, I am responsible for managing the ‘Pain into Power’ emotional support lines.

    I ensure that everyone who requests our support has an initial screening and is assessed as to whether they are suitable for our service. For those that aren’t suitable, they are provided with appropriate signposting information to other organisations, who will best meet their needs, and which align with our own values.

    I carefully match each survivor to an ambassador who I feel with be the best person to support them on their journey with TMOF.

    I ensure that the service we are providing, matches the quality of service we expect, and we deal with any issues that may arise, swiftly.

  • Julia

    Outreach Worker

    Hello! I am married to Steve and we have 6 grown up children.

    I started my working life, a very long time ago, in advertising and marketing in a production role. Once I had my children I re-trained and eventually enjoyed a new career supporting children with additional needs in a local primary school. This progressed to a further 15 years working within Early Years. I was always drawn to supporting families and left in 2015 to start my own childminding business. I employed my eldest daughter and we enjoyed providing a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment for children where we were able to develop fantastic relationships with lots of wonderful families.

    Despite my background in Education and on-going training in Safeguarding and Child Protection it came as a huge shock to discover that my youngest daughter was a victim of grooming and CSE. She was just 14 years old. This led to heart breaking events around self-harm, overdoses and drug and alcohol abuse. Around this time ‘The Three Girls’ was brought to my attention and that was when I first heard about Maggie Oliver.

    In September 2020 I was devastated to have to close my business due to ill health, so when the opportunity arose to apply to the foundation as a volunteer it felt like perfect timing. I supported survivors on the phone lines, providing that much needed listening ear. For me personally, it was a hugely rewarding experience. Tragically, in November 2021, my beautiful daughter Mary lost her fight. Two weeks before her 21st birthday.

    In March 2022 I was offered a job within the foundation as an outreach worker and I was honoured to accept. Despite my own pain I am determined to carry on raising awareness of CSAE, the failings of the criminal justice system and supporting survivors. Our team is the most amazing group of likeminded people I have ever met. We are going to make a difference!

  • maya


    Senior Legal Advocacy Case Worker

    Hello, my name is Mayameen, but you are welcome to call me ‘Maya’.  

    I am delighted to join the Maggie Oliver Foundation as a Senior Legal Advocacy Caseworker and live out my passion and mission supporting and advocating for survivors. I have been working within the field of sexual violence for over 10 years as a Trauma Specialist, Educator and Accredited Trainer.

    My passion is driven through my lived experience as a CSA Survivor. I gained national media attention and recognition when I waived my lifelong anonymity in September 2018, exposing the serial sexual abuse at the hands of my father, during his release from prison after serving just 6 years of his 10-year sentence.

    I have used my survivor voice to successfully pave the way to changes in policies and forcing change within fractured services for better victim protection.

    Proudly taking the TEDx stage, numerous speaker engagements, panel involvement and giving my poignant first-hand account of surviving Child Sexual Abuse in my Channel 5 Documentary.

    In 2020, I was honoured to be awarded the prestigious British Empire Medal (BEM) for my services to child victims.

    The Maggie Oliver Foundation is survivor-led, and it is an honour to be on this incredible Journey, leveraging my extensive experience and expertise to turn pain into power, with such an amazing team.

Please note, our team are taking a short break over Christmas as will not be checking emails regularly. We'll respond once we are back on Tuesday 3rd January. Thank you for understanding.

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