Trigger Warning: Please be aware that the following information may be difficult to read and may affect you. If you are a survivor reading this please make sure you take care of yourself and ensure you have someone you can talk about the impact it has on you.

Support for Men

The Maggie Oliver Foundation provides support for men (18+) who have experienced any form of sexual violence in their past or as an adult. We understand that men who have been sexually assaulted may experience some of the same effects of sexual assault as women, but they may face other challenges that are more unique to their experience.

Some men who have survived sexual assault or abuse feel extreme shame and guilt

Believing that they had some control over the abuse or could have done more to stop it, many men who experienced a physical response during the abuse may be confused and question their sexual orientation. We want to reassure you that normal physical responses do not in any way imply that you wanted, invited, or enjoyed the abuse or assault. If something has happened to you, we believe that it is not your fault and you are not alone and will work with you to understand and overcome these feelings.

Specific male support organisations in the UK

Self-help resources for men who have experience
sexual abuse or assault/violence:

If you are working with us or considering getting in touch we’ve put some additional self-help resources together that may be useful in the first instance. We also have a range of resources that the person supporting you can share during your engagement with us.

Please take care and ensure you have adequate support in place when using these resources as certain things may trigger you.
A self-help guide for males who have been sexually abused
Download Document
Living Well A Guide for Men
Download Document
Self-Care After Trauma, Tips from RAINN
Download Document
SARSAS - Self Help guide for men & boys
Download Document
Blueknot - Survivors and Supporters Fact Sheets
Visit Website

My story by a male survivor of sexual assault

(shared with permission)

We are here to support you

Please feel free to get in touch or discuss with a healthcare professional.

Please note, our team are taking a short break over Christmas as will not be checking emails regularly. We'll respond once we are back on Tuesday 3rd January. Thank you for understanding.

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