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poem baggage


she opens up her suitcase
and it's loaded to the brim
she simply doesn't have the room
to squeeze more baggage in

her holdall's filled with years and years
of things she has endured
but you think she has no holdall
'cause she acts so self-assured

but just because she's confident
and acts like she's alright
it doesn't mean her baggage
is inconsequentially light

for though her life looks rosy
it doesn't mean to say
that she doesn't carry burdens
that weigh her down each day

she's fought off many monsters
often swam up from the depths
she's walked through many fires
and pulled herself back from the edge

so never think she walks on air
when she's actually walked through hell
you just don't know her load is heavy
because she carries it so well

Becky Hemsley

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