Content Warning: Please be aware that some of the stories on these pages contain details and descriptions of abuse which you might find disturbing or upsetting.

Natural Thinking by Andria Tidmarsh Hackett

the frondescence of flourishing leaves 

coming to life

the essence of new life for spring

the re birth of trees

the birds singing their melodies

sweet songs of morning

nature alive with fresh new growth

buds blooming their energy forthwith to bring,

the floral blossom.

even more so for the delight for birds to sing,

as they forage for nesting 

mind has arisen 

brain engagement 

can be infringement 

to the day ahead

laying dosing still snuggled in bed.

look to the day head and beyond 

arise your mind akin to the dawn of birdsong.

the beauty of nature undoubtedly ceases to falter 

to motivate invigorate without negate

to undoubtedly cease and to create positive destinies of fate

the gentle warmth of sunshine rays

nurturing mind and body in an ethereal   haze.

drowning any sorrow from days or moments feeling and felt in the past 

the elements of nature are there and here to last.

in a moment the mind may find itself in the shade…

thus, think of a peaceful glade where the faeries bathe

where winds are flowing and blowing a refreshing breeze

rejuvenating the mind to an ease

the fire of the sun bringing a warm hearth to the heart

thus, henceforth leaving sorrows in the past.

look up to the clear blue skies beyond the birdsong.

the depth of a white cloud breezing along 

let the thoughts that throng be carried away and you reflect upon

where it all seemed to go wrong.

recognising and realising life goes on

These verses of nature with metaphors, adverbs, adjectives, and similes 

a glimmer of hope from the emotional intelligence inside of me

deep with in my mind 

the kind which flows along like this birdsong

drifting away with the breeze.

my mind flows positive and free.

free to express to you from me 

a desire to enquire my mind sharing with my kind 

mono syllables para syllables. 

The elements of poetry.

So, let Nature carry forth to inspire your sense of self-worth.

 for your mind to enquire in the perspective of life

 where we are aware of others living with troubles and strife

never deny with shame or blame yourself

acknowledge being aware of personal emotional health.

So… never deny

Or shame yourself

Or blame yourself

For being in touch

And aware of your mental health

This is vulnerability

With open honesty

With deep expression from me

With deep sincerity 

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