Content Warning: Please be aware that some of the stories on these pages contain details and descriptions of abuse which you might find disturbing or upsetting.

‘Bounced from home to home, neglected and raped. The story of a teenagers horrific life in care’


This is Ambers story from Hull…

About 18 months ago I was contacted via my social media initially by one of the Survivors of abuse in Hull. Desperate for help as Humberside police insisted they had no problem with CSE in their area, and that the victims were being ‘fobbed off’ as is often the case in these horrific cases.

Our fantastic Operations Manager The Maggie Oliver Foundation began to talk to this young girl (not Amber, but Ambers friend), and it quickly became very apparent to us that the police there were ignoring many young girls who were being failed in the area. One of these girls was Amber, whose story you can read here.

We now work closely with several trusted journalists from several media outlets including Jason, Sarah and Liz at Sky News. They have put a phenomenal amount of work into building trusted relationships with these girls, and with our help continue to follow these stories and expose them on national news media.

Every single case is a tragedy, but when you join them all together then a pattern begins to emerge of incompetence, neglect, a care system which is broken, a criminal justice system which is inept, children and victims being repeatedly let down and failed by a system which far too often is unfit for purpose.

Before we went to Sarah and Jason, we had tried repeatedly to get Humberside Police to investigate these cases. They refused, and continued to insist there was ‘insufficient evidence’, an opinion we vehemently disagree with. And we are all ex police officers who often dealt with difficult investigations whilst in the job.

Sadly this is not an isolated incident. It is not a rare mistake. They happen far, far too often and each victim alone is relatively powerless in being heard.  But there is strength in numbers. And we will continue to gather the evidence of these monumental and life destroying failures, and when police forces refuse to investigate or engage with the victims, and blame them and threaten them instead, we will continue to expose this and share their stories with the media if that’s what these survivors and victims want us to do.

Often a survivor will accept when there is insufficient evidence to prosecute, but when the evidence exists, and there are multiple victims, and mountains of evidence, then a victim needs to be heard.

Amber is a brave young woman who has endured the most horrific abuse and yet refuses to be silenced and blamed.

And this picture was taken when I spoke to Amber at our recent ‘Survivors Ball’ which she came to with many other survivors, including some from Hull who I’ve edited out of this picture to safeguard their identity.

But Amber wants to show her face, she insists on being heard, and is bravely fighting for justice for herself and others. And she should feel very proud of how far she has travelled on what has been a very tough journey through her young life...


And @TheMaggieOliverFoundation will continue to stand beside victims and survivors who need us as they find their voices and fight for justice for themselves and others... xxx

Read the story on Sky News.

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