Content Warning: Please be aware that some of the stories on these pages contain details and descriptions of abuse which you might find disturbing or upsetting.

Contacting Maggie and the foundation was one of the best decisions I made

When I first contacted the Maggie Oliver foundation I was searching high and low for some help, support and guidance, I’d tried so many places and had no luck.

Contacting Maggie and the foundation was one of the best decisions I made, from that day I have been given amazing, kind and top-class support and I have been made to feel important, understood and cared out. I have found that Maggie and all who work with Maggie at the foundation go above and beyond to help service users and nothing is too much to ask from them.

The foundation has helped me by being a listening ear, providing me with great advice, assisting me in finding legal support and just by being there as people I know I can contact if I need some help and support. I also know that the foundation has helped so many other people as I regularly chat to other girls who have been supported and helped by the foundation.

I have now been able to put together a legal team from Maggie’s recommendations and guidance and I am finally getting my shot at justice, my court date isn’t long off now… I wouldn’t be in this position without Maggie and the foundation. There is no other support out there like this that I could find and it is so badly needed! I searched high and low to find support and couldn’t find any other than the Maggie Oliver foundation, this is why this foundation is so important. The Maggie Oliver foundation having a national phone line to help victims of sexual abuse is needed desperately.

There have been times when I’ve attempted to take my own life and been sat trying to find someone to talk to that would understand my pain and experiences, I could never find anyone or such a phone line so I can't really begin to explain how amazing it would be to have this as part of the Maggie Oliver Foundation. I’ve sadly lost friends who have taken their own lives after feeling they had no one to call or talk to that would understand, I wish this would have been around when they were.

Without the Maggie Oliver foundation, I don’t know what I’d have done as a young girl. It's so important to me and so many others that the foundation gets the funding they desperately need to continue to grow and support victims.

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